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Antonio Gibson - RB in the making.

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Antonio Gibson has amassed 1,800 yards, 18 TDs & 78 receptions in just 2 years as a full time running back. Still, there feels like there should be more. That's the thing with Gibson, his talent is so immense that the expectations are incredibly unfair but, they make sense. Gibson is rare and... he's just learning his position.

At times, Gibson can look like a wide receiver playing running back and other times he looks like the All-pro running back that this coaching staff wants him to be. Gibson is the mercurial athlete. What's more, Gibson has the personality and coolness that D.C. hasn't seen since Clinton Portis. He could be the guy that kids will want to be like and instagram football kids will emulate. will want to be like and instagram football kids will emulate.

So what's stopping him? Well... Gibson. For Gibson, the fumbles are like the eyes on "The Three Figures" painting. The good news for Antonio is that his problems are fixable unlike that priceless piece of art.

When you watch Gibson up close in between drills at camp you'll notice that behind the diamond and platinum grill there's a leader. Not just a lead by example kind of guy but a vocal leader who cares about improving the little things and for a running back, the little things are everything.

The question going forward will be, can he fix the one big thing keeping him from ascending into the national media darling he was born to be and the top tier RB that his potential affords him.

There's still some question about Gibson's usage.

When Gibson was first drafted, everyone figured he was going to the next Deebo. There have been quotes from people claiming to know Gibson saying that Gibson wants to be used more in that type of role. During his rookie year It was reported that he split his time between the WR room and the RB room. However, since then he's been predominantly a pure RB.

The answer to all of the questions around #24 are up to Gibson and Gibson alone. The NFL archives are full of talented players who couldn't overcome their greatest limitations and there are certainly those that wrote Gibson off the moment the team drafted Brian Robinson. Personally, I think we haven't begun to fully understand the weapon that Gibson will become. We have yet to see his full explosiveness materialize nor the applied experience and expertise gained from all the snaps he's taken from the backfield.

There are fans who believe that Gibson's past fumbles are unforgivable and listen, I get it but in a time when so many are so often ready to discard talent because "everyone is replaceable" I think we ought to continue to mine the gem that Gibson could turn out to be.

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