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Commanders 2024 Free Agent Class: Keep or Cut

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It's easy to get caught up in the 2023 free agent class because its headlined by Terry McLaurin. However, the Commanders Free Agent class of 2024 is much more daunting. The Commanders are going to have to make a lot of difficult decisions next offseason as you typically want a new deal in place the year prior to their free agency year. The good news is, the salary cap will likely increase, because they are really going to need it.

Let's take a look at the list of Commanders who will be free agents in 2024. We'll makes some guesses as to whether they stay or go.

  1. William Jackson III

  1. WJ3 had a decent season in year one but you'd be hard pressed to find someone to tell you he lived up to his contract. WJ3 will be 31 going on 32 y/o in 2024 which is ancient for an outside DB.

Verdict: Let him go

2. Kendall Fuller

Fuller has been our best DB since he re-signed with Washington. He has played well enough to warrant the contract he was given. Is he a shutdown corner? No, but he is a top 20 DB in the NFL. Fuller will still be in the 30 and under crowd going into the final season of his deal in 2024 which still gives him a year or two to perform at or close to his best.

Verdict: Re-sign to a 2 year deal

3. Curtis Samuel

Curtis has been productive in his time in the NFL. His first year with Washington was a disaster due to injury but he'll likely rebound nicely in 2022. Curtis will be 28 in his contract year and likely not looking to set the market at WR with his new deal.

Verdict: Re-sign to a LTD

4. Montez Sweat

Montez has been an extremely productive edge rusher for Washington since he was drafted. He also plays one of the most coveted positions in football which also means he plays one of the most expensive positions in football. Montez will be 27 when his contract expires so he has several years of getting paid top dollar ahead of him, especially if he he continues to develop and benefit from Chase being on the other side.

Verdict: Trade or contract expires. This is NOT what I want but, you can't pay everyone and I fear that Montez is going to demand and deserve big $ that we won't be able to afford. The issue is we have to think down the line with the likes of Chase's future contract and we may need to pay our QB big $.

5. Bobby McCain

Mccain will be in his early 30's once his deal expires in 2024. That's no spring chicken for a good free safety won't doesn't have elite level attributes to fall back on.

Verdict: cut or allow contract to expire

6. J.D. Mckissic

Mckissic will be going on 31 when his deal is up but for pass catching RBs like Mckissic that doesn't have to be the end of the line. Darren Sproles played well into his 30s. Yes, it's foolish to expect that from any RB but Mckissic doesn't take a ton of hits.

Verdict: Re-sign, Short term, team friendly deal

7. Antonio Gibson

Antonio Gibson is incredibly difficult to project because he's still learning the position. However, he's been a top 12 RB with limited experience at the position. He is just scratching the surface of what could be a stellar career. 2022 will tell you a lot about Gibson's future. He'll still only be mid 20s when his deal ends in 2024 and Rivera always pays his running backs.

Verdict: Re-sign, Gibson gets paid a top 5 RB contract.

* If he doesn't resign he'll end up with the Rams (just a prediction).

8. Kam Curl

If there ever was a player that Washington fans wanted to get a second contract it's Kam Curl. He embodies everything Washington fans love about their football players. He also happens to be great at football. He'll be roughly 25 when his deal expires so he will have plenty of high caliber years ahead of him.

Verdict: Re-sign, top 10 Strong safety LTD contract.

Other 2024 Free Agents

  • Andrew Norwell - Let contract expire

  • Cornelius Lucas - Let contract expire

  • Saahdiq Charles - Let contract expire

  • Khaleke Hudson - Let contract expire

  • James Swith Williams - re-sign to team friendly deal

  • Casey Toohill - re-sign to team friendly deal

  • Jaret Patterson - Let contract expire

  • Sammie Reyes - let contract expire

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