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Commanders Ladder Preseason Week 2

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Climbing the ladder :

Cam Sims

  • Sims has been largely invisible this offseason/ preseason but he did two things well yesterday. He responded to adversity ( getting clocked across the middle) and came back to score a TD. Sims should be a roster lock where the coaches will eventually refuse to use him as usual but he showed well vs the chiefs.

Jamin Davis

  • Jamin was the best linebacker vs the Chiefs, period. It's debatable if that's best case scenario for the Commanders but we can't be mad that Jamin is improving. It's become fashionable for  fans to hate on him but Jamin gets better every game.

Brian Robinson Jr

  • Robinson is a solid back and quite frankly he's RB1 at this point. He is averaging 4.0 ypc this preseason. He's always falling forward and he looks the part.

Kendall Fuller

  • Fuller was outstanding in coverage vs the Chiefs. He looks primed and ready for week 1.

Antonio Gibson the WR

  • Gibson as a Receiver was a breath of fresh air for the offense. He looks like he could really be a game changer for the offense with this type of usage.

Falling off:

Benjamin St Juste

  • It's not been a strong offseason for St Juste. He is getting beat deep pretty often. His move to the slot hasn't seemed to have worked out. It's early so i'm certainly not saying he can't / won't improve but he's been subpar so far.

Percy Butler

  • A lot of fans had high hopes for Butler but so far the output has been very minor. He's going to get a pass because he's a rookie and he  was a later round pick but he's been pretty meh, so far.

Cole Holcomb

  • Holcomb is a regression that we cannot afford. Our linebacker room is not deep and not overly talented. Holcomb was largely ineffective vs the Chiefs. He's a vet and I suspect that he will rebound but this past game was not confidence inspiring.

Dyami Brown

  • If you're Brown you have to catch everything in your area. Being in the right place is no longer good enough. He has to make the catch when the ball is in the air. He did not do that against the Chiefs.

Antonio Gibson the RB

  • Gibson the RB averaged 1.5 ypc against the Chiefs. It was a very uninspiring day for him running the football.

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