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Preseason week 1: Commanders Rising & Commanders Sinking

We now have a preseason game under our belt and our first look at the 2022 team. Some players represented themselves well and others still have work to do. Here's our list of who is rising and falling in terms of their 2022 outlook.

Commanders Sinking:

  1. Sammis Reyes - T.E.

Reyes has the physique to be a monster but his lack of experience seems to be his biggest obstacle. Reyes played on 2 snaps in a game where the Commanders were missing several TE's at the top of the depth chart. Reyes is going to need to make a major impact in the next two preseason games to have a good shot at the roster.

2. Kelvin Harmon - WR

This one hurts. Kelvin Harmon has battled so much to be on the current roster. However, his issue with drops is not going away. He dropped a few passes during the open practice at fed ex and then failed to secure one of the targets thrown his way during the preseason game vs the Panthers. There is still a battle going on for the final WR spot so Harmon still has a chance but he's got to catch everything thrown his way from here forward.

3. Jaret Patterson - RB

The running back position is going to come down to a numbers game now that Brian Robinson Jr is in town. The unfortunate thing for Patterson is that Robinson can do everything he can do at a bigger size. Patterson didn't do much with his opportunities last season and while he had success against the Panther's 3rd stringers, he'll need to do a lot more if he wants to stick around on the active roster.

4. Khaleke Hudson - LB

Hudson has had ample opportunities to take over for one of our struggling linebackers and yet he never seems to be in the conversation. He is athletic and a great team first guy but at some point he has to make plays. Khaleke was largely non-impactful against the Panthers in his preseason debut and will need to make an impact in the next few preseason games.

5. Antonio Gibson - RB

Fumbles bro, fumbles. The difference this year is that there is another RB here that can take his spot. Gibson has really got to focus on ball security before all of his talent is wasted.

Commanders Rising:

1. Steven Parker - DB

Parker was seemingly everywhere during the Commanders preseason week 1. He had a strong pass break up and generally acquitted himself well vs the competition he faced. The key for Parker is to see if he can do it against higher levels of talent. If so, he may find himself in a 'Danny Johnson' type role.

2. Daniel Wise - DL

Wise was consistently getting pressure which eventually resulted in a QB sack. With the losses on the defensive line in the offseason and Chase Young still healing, Wise's performance vs the Panthers is a welcome sight.

3. Bobby Mccain - DB

McCain has done nothing but unceremoniously improve in this defense week in and week out. He had the defensive play of the day breaking up a would-be touchdown with a perfectly timed hit. McCain has the FS job on lock.

4. Curtis Samuel - WR

Curtis was healthy and Curtis was involved in the pass game. Stock up.

5. Jonathan Williams - RB

Jonathan Williams was quietly the best running back on the field Saturday. He has always taken advantage of his opportunities when presented and that did not change vs the Panthers.

6. Darrick Forrest - DB

Forrest had largely been forgotten about by this fanbase due to the injuries last year. However, Forrest was aggressive and impactful in his preseason debut. If he can string together performances like his effort against the Panthers, he'll be inline for a major role, especially in Nickle packages.

  1. Brian Robinson Jr.

Robinson ran like animal let out of a cage. He ran with power and purpose. He's still the #2 back as of now but he's making a case to change that.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Sam Howell - Howell played great but isn't competing for starting gig and most likely will not play this season.

  2. Dyami Brown - played well but against the 2nd team

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