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Commanders vs Browns instant reaction


  • Both QBs displayed a high competency in this QB friendly offense. Howell's fastball was on display as was his escapability. Brissett displayed incredible touch on a few deep routes outside the hash. A very encouraging game for both QBs.

  • The running game needs more work. Both B-Rob and Gibson were getting taken down on first contact early in the game. Robinson had a nice 10-12 yard run but it looked like there was a lot more there to be had. We need to see more explosiveness from #8 now that Robinson is finally fully healthy. The offensive line didn't do any favors in terms of creating holes. Chris Rodriguez had some really nice runs but we need to see more against top of the depth chart players.

  • The receivers looked as they as always do, excellent. Terry not getting a lot of targets when Dotson & Samuel play, was an annoyance for me last year and was once again on display vs the Browns. This isn't something on my watch list yet because it's preseason but let's hope it stays behind. Dyami & Pringle both looked capable in fulfilling their roles.

  • TE: Tight end depth was an issue last year and it appears that it is going to continue this year. Bates had a massive drop and Cole Turner didn't look dynamic after the catch. Howell will need his big body targets to be productive so hopefully Logan Thomas stays healthy.

  • Offensive Line : You get what you pay for.


It's really hard to be critical of any defense when Deshaun Watson looks like his former self but frankly our defensive 1s lost the battle vs  Cleveland's  offensive 1s. The defense did have a nice goaline stand to take the bad taste out of our mouths.

The most glaring deficiency was the way that Cleveland gashed our defense when they stretched us laterally on zone plays.  It's on tape now,  so Del Rio can correct it but the Browns were taking whatever they wanted when going side to side.The linebackers  were absent even though they were present and i'm not sure how much that can improve before the season starts.

Special teams:

  • Kazmier Allen has a lot of potential but spends way too much time going east and west.

  • Milne: 🤢

In all, it was so good to see our team back on the field. The team has a different vibe from seasons past, maybe it's the weight of Snyder off our shoulders but it needs to come together on the field as well. The good news is, there is still plenty of time. Therefore no overreactions and in large part, you saw what you needed to see from whom you needed to see it.

On to Baltimore.

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