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The Cosmi kid... The forgotten man.

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Sam Cosmi quietly entered the league as a productive right tackle. He was the kind of offensive lineman that you never really heard much about which in the profession of pass protection, is a great thing.

Cosmi was one of the highest graded rookies in the entire NFL Preseason in 2021. He followed that up with extremely solid play early in the 2021 season. Cosmi was rated above San Diego's "Chase Squasher" Rashawn Slater heading into October.

Unfortunately for Cosmi, injuries began to take their toll. Cosmi was only able to compete in 9 games his rookie season due to his injuries.

9 games doesn't provide enough context to determine if Cosmi will eventually end up in the HOF but it does tell you that the kid can play.

We often times forget about Cosmi because he doesn't play a glory position. Cosmi isn't on anyone's fantasy football team and he probably isn't going to make Sportscenter. Cosmi is however, a big part of our future. Rivera is a coach who believes in the trenches and no positions are more important on the offensive line than your tackles. Cosmi could be the answer for the next 10 years at the position. Hopefully the injuries will subside and we can all get behind the Cosmi kid. It sounds like Rivera and team already have.

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