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Destination Unknown.. Why Nobody Wants to play here.

Rivera’s “big swing” for a quarterback has netted us Carson Wentz.

Visions of Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have been dancing in fans heads in the weeks since the Super Bowl, as Rivera and Martin Mayhew have been telling anyone and everyone that the Commanders were going all in to find a franchise quarterback.

Like a used car salesman, Ron listed all of the reasons why the Commanders were a great destination for a top quarterback—The offensive line, Terry McLauren, Antonio Gibson, the defense—while omitting the negative: stars don’t come to Washington.

Think about it: when has a top-tier player ever picked Washington over other suitors?

Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato used to throw money at washed up stars looking for a pay day, but none of them were at their peaks.

Ok, Albert Haynesworth chose Washington over Tampa, but in hindsight it’s clear that he was looking for a situation where he could make the most money while doing the least work.

Matthew Stafford nixed a trade to DC, as did Russell Wilson. Washington was never in Rodgers’s radar.

And let’s not kid ourselves, had Ron and company waited for Wentz to be cut, as some have suggested, he wouldn’t have come here either.

This is bigger than just football. Think of any of the four major sports teams here and when a top level talent in his prime as actually chosen DC?

Max Scherzer. That’s it. Scherzer signed with the Nationals in 2015 for approximately all of the money.

Remember KD2DC? How did that work out? Ian Mahinmi. That’s how.

DC has and has had its share of superstars. Alex Ovechkin, Chase Young, Bradley Beal, John Wall, Stephen Strasberg, Bryce Harper (who bolted the first chance he got) and Juan Soto (who probably will too), but all were drafted.

If Washington wants its forever quarterback, it will likely have to nab him like a thief in the night before he has a choice.

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