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5 QBs WFT has to pursue & 5 They shouldn't go near

It’s no secret the WFT will have at least one new quarterback on the roster in 2022. Taylor Heinke proved on 2021 that he has a place in the NFL, but that place should be backing up a franchise quarterback.

The team could look to the draft but this year’s crop has more question marks than Matthew Lesko’s jacket (Google it, kids). If Ron Rivera wants to make a leap in year 3, a veteran might be the best option. Luckily, there should be plenty of intriguing veterans available either in free agency or via trade.

(Spoiler Alert: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson aren’t walking through that door, folks)

Here are 5 veterans WFT should definitely take a look at:

Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky is a career 64.1% passer with a 64-38 touchdown to interception ratio and has a .580 winning percentage as a starter. He led the Bears to the playoffs twice in four years. The biggest crime of his career is being drafted ahead of Patrick Mahommes and DeShaun Watson. It’s not his fault that Chicago reached for him in the 2017 draft and he handled it as well as can be expected. He has now has had a year to sit and learn under the tutelage of Josh Allen and Brian Dabol in Buffalo and could thrive in a team with a good line and strong run game. WFT would be wise to give him a look.

Jimmy Garappolo

Garappolo is a dead man walking in San Francisco. 2022 is the final year of the monster contract he signed with the 49ers and his replacement, Trey Lance, is waiting in the wings. Despite the writing on the wall, Jimmy G has played well this season his team in the NFC championship, playing through a thumb injury that could have ended his season, and is primed to have teams lined up to bid for his services at season’s end. He comes with a $26M cap hit next season, which may drive off potential suitors, but WFT his well equipped to absorb the cap hit and should give San Francisco a call when the season ends.

Marcus Mariota

Much like Mitchell Trubisky, Mariota was overdrafted and underwhelming in his time with Tennessee. Had he been drafted on day two, his 77-48 TD/INT ratio and 62.9 completion percentage would be viewed much differently and he wouldn’t carry the draft bust label that followed him to Vegas by way of Oakland. He has been relegated to a gadget player with the Raiders but the potential teams saw in him back in 2015 is still there and he deserves another shot as a starter.

Baker Mayfield

There are whispers that the 2018 first overall pick might be on the trade block. Cleveland has yet to pick up his 5th year option and, while he has been pretty good—very good at times—he hasn’t lived up to his draft position. Add to that his injury plagued 2021 season and outward frustration with coach Kevin Stefanski’s offense and a potential divorce doesn’t seem that crazy. Mayfield isn’t a top 10 quarterback but he would instantly make Washington a better team if he became available.

Teddy Bridgewater

Signing Teddy B wouldn’t provide much sizzle but he would bring stability and experience in Scott Turner’s offense. Bridgwater has shown himself to be a capable starter and, while not flashy, he knows what it takes to win and can make NFL throws. He is basically Alex Smith 2.0 and would make sense for this team if Ron and company whiff on locking the other top available quarterbacks again this year.

Now... here are 5 QBs that Washington must absolutely stay away from !! Check out the 2 minute video below..

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