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For Heinicke, The end is likely near.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

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One thing that nobody can take from Heinicke is the infectious passion that he plays the game with. The man loves the game and is living out his dreams. Hard to hate a man for that.

Heinicke has not been great in his starts but he has provided a spark that seemed to be lacking at the beginning of the season. He's also provided some late game heroics that kept alive a 3 game win streak. "Heinicke magic" - its a vibe.

However, the enjoyment of watching and rooting for Heinicke cannot come at the expense of understanding that the offense is as stagnant as it ever was under any other QB.

The offense itself is inept and even Heinicke's legs can't breathe life into it.

So what now?

Now the Head coach has to figure out where the future lies. Of the 3 QBs on the roster, Heinicke is the only one who they definitively know is not a part of it, at least as a starter.

On monday 11/7, Ron began to lay the ground work for Heinicke's exit from the starting role. Ron was very vocal to the media last season about how he didn't view Heinicke as a starter and he seems to be starting up the same conversation this season.

Over the last season and a half, Ron has been very clear in his desire for a franchise QB. He at this point has two options, Start Wentz in week 11 when he is healthy or Give Howell a shot after the Philly game to see what the kid can do.

Wentz's IR stint ends after the Philly game. Depending on the level of your football faith, most are not expecting the Philly secondary to be kind to Taylor. A poor performance in prime time would all but lock in Wentz as the starter vs Houston, if he's healthy.

The question is, will Henicke be able to muster enough of his famed "Henicke Magic" to keep him in the saddle for one more week?

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