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Regarding the name

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"Washington Redskins"...Saying the name out loud brings back memories of the glory days. I'm reminded of RFK, a place I've never been but heard so much about. The magic and the mystique.

In truth, I never associated the name with Native Americans. It was always about a football team with a rich legacy and a history of Super Bowls. It was Joe Gibbs, The Hogs and Darrell Green. It was the fun bunch and Riggins. Sonny and Sam, Chief Zee. I could go on forever.

Some folks will tell you it's the Helmet or jerseys that they'll remember the most. For me, it's the End zones. I'll never forget the Endzone paint with the two helmets. I'll always find that image to be iconic.

My friends, I don't know where we go from

here. Maybe we'll become Wolves , Commanders, The Armada or The Hogs. But what I do know is, we can always remember.

One last time, Hail to the Redskins.

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