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How good is Terry Mclaurin?

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When it comes to stardom, credit and respect in the NFL, most of it goes to the diva personality types who never miss a moment to inform you of how good they are such as Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Then there are the athletes with a squeaky clean image and marketability to rival "Ponyboy Curtis" like Patrick Mahomes. Washington has a bit of a different kind of star. They have Terry Mclaurin. Terry is the anti-diva with immutable humility and the heart of a lion.

Terry resonated with the fans in Washington because he's a 3rd rd pick who, coming out of college wasn't the most heralded player. The thing is, he worked hard to become really good without having a me first attitude. In a town where politics epitomizes me first, and self serving begets success and notoriety, Terry was a breath of fresh air.

Who is Terry to the Washington Football Team and its supporters?

Terry is toughness and grit, on the field he's a dog with relentless drive. Off the field he's a mild mannered fisherman. Terry is a throwback to the golden era of Washington Football. Truthfully, he fits in any era. Terry could have been part of 'The Posse', he'd certainly fit in personality wise. He could have played alongside Santana or even Pierre. If you think about it, he has a little of each of them in his game. More importantly, Terry is a top tier #1 WR.

Who is Terry to the rest of the league?

Seemingly, to the rest of the league, Terry

is a really solid WR1 who makes a lot of really tough catches. If you ask most fans from other teams they'd probably take their own #1 WR over Terry. If you ask someone to identify Terry's flaws they would almost immediately point to his penchant for body catching or the fact that he has 2 &3 catch games multiple times per season.

So how good is Terry?

Statistically Terry is a top 20 WR. That seems low but Terry has constantly been plagued by below average QB play, which doesn't help his national appeal.

There's a handful of WRs you'd confidently say are better Wideouts:

  1. Devante Adam's

  2. Cooper kupp (this season)

  3. Justin Jefferson

  4. Deandre Hopkins

You'd have a great argument against Terry for several other receivers:

  1. Stefon Diggs

  2. Jamar Chase

  3. Tyreke Hill

  4. Cee Dee Lamb

  5. Keenan Allen

So, Terry is top 5-9 WR in the NFL depending on your preference. That being said, You cannot have a conversation about the merits of Terry Mclaurin without discussing the fact that he has never played with a top flight QB. The one thing all of the WRs listed above have in common is a franchise QB or at least, something close to it. Terry has been saddled with career backups and draft busts but he's made the best of it. A top caliber QB would likely significantly enhance McLaurin's career even if it doesn't move him into the top 3.

How good is Terry to you ? Where would you rank him on the NFLs WR list? If Terry has 10 more seasons equivalent to his first 3 would you consider him a Hall of Famer?

Let's us know ...

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