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How Heinicke's Play Will Impact the Future of the QB position for Washington.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Washington's QB position has been in flux since, well....ever. Washington is already on its 2nd QB this season albeit due to injury. There's no mistaking that Wentz had not yet played well enough to secure his future in the eyes of fans. Insert Heinicke, the team beats Green Bay and now the future of the QB position is up in smoke... again.

Let's look at the options from most likely to least likely to fulfill our QB needs beyond this season.

Most likely - Wentz returns when healthy this season and starts next year.

Why: Rivera gave up 3 draft picks to get Wentz. Yes, the 2022 2nd was a swap but it gave you adverse draft position. That's a hefty sum to just dispose of Wentz after 6 games. The team also paid him $28 million dollars which completely demobilized their offseason this year outside of signing Terry. Wentz is also under contract (team option) in 2023. Ron who hasn't produced anything resembling a winning season in his last 5 seasons coaching is running short on time to prove his viability as an NFL HC. Wentz remains the shortest path to success for Rivera if he can fix him.

Small possibility: Howell gets a shot.

Sam Howell is the fan favorite and he has serious potential. The issue for Howell is that his chances to start for this team could be limited to whatever opportunity he is given this season, if any. Howell needs to see the field this year to show and prove that there is hope in giving him the reigns this offseason, otherwise the team cannot go blindly into the offseason assuming he can do it with no evidence to support it, especially for a 5th rd pick. If Ron is fired at season's end then Howell is probably the baby that gets thrown out with the bath water.

Not all that likely: Heinicke takes and keeps the reigns

If there is any player on the roster that the coaches know best it's Taylor Heinicke and yet, at every opportunity to make Taylor the QB1, the team has gone another direction. At some point, you have to believe what the coaches are telling you. They don't see him as a viable option. It's not impossible if Heinicke can string together a considerable run that makes coaches reconsider but it feels like a long shot.

Probably not going to happen - Draft a QB

Honestly, if you're a Commanders fan then you probably want this one the least. Only because of Rivera. If he isn't going to be here long term then you don't want him drafting your next QB. Its that simple. Add to that, the fact that Ron is on a short clock and he's refused to develop a rookie in his 3 years thus far. The possibility of a 1st rd rookie seems remote.

Not gonna happen - Another vet acquisition

If you're Rivera and you've whiffed on Fitzpatrick as a starter via Free agency and have so far been unsuccessful with Wentz, can you really go back into the vet QB waters a 3rd time? It seems illogical to surrender more draft picks in a trade, especially since you've at best lost a 3rd this year on the Wentz trade and at worst it's a 2nd rd pick. Never say never but Ron would would truly be living up to his moniker if he went this route again.

As hard as it is to imagine - odds are, our QB for next season is already on the roster. For some, that's a bitter pill and for others that's just a day in the life here in DC.

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