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Instant Game Reaction: Washington Shocks Defending SB Champion Buccaneers 29 – 19

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The WFT on Sunday showed the promise of what us fans thought the team could be in 2021. Sunday’s game was the embodiment of the saying “Total Team Effort.” Everyone showed up to play the defending Super Bowl Champs. The coaching staff put together a gameplan that seemed to stifle and confuse the Bucs all day. The adjustments, changes we have been screaming for all season the coaches made them. The defense got pressure when they needed to and, especially, on 3rddown.

The offense looked completely different Sunday. The offense utilized the run game to control the clock and the game instead of asking a backup level QB to make every throw to win the game. Gibson’s 24 carries against the Bucs yielded 64yds rushing and 2 TDs. That stat line is quite good considering the Bucs had the #2 ranked rush defense heading into the game. The offense had a total of 34 rush attempts and 32 pass attempts. That is the type of balance that wins you football games… Oh and our kicker was 3/3 on FG’s & 2/2 XP’s. Like I said, “Total Team Effort.”

This game was the sum of all our hopes and expectations for the team heading into the 2021 season. Unfortunately, it came in game 9. With the play on the field finally rounding into form this past Sunday, it gives us hope that the team has found their groove and can now start to put together more consistent efforts moving forward. The player’s performance wasn’t the only thing that improved on Sunday, the coach’s ability to truly craft a gameplan that showcased their players strengths while attacking weaknesses in their opponent’s defense showed marked improvement. The coaches finally seemed to realize that changing their approach while being able to adapt to what the other teams are doing is just as important as the play on the field. With a successful first game off the bye week, the Washington Football Team will look to continue its improvements next weekend at Carolina.

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