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Percy Butler: More than Meets the Eye

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Percy Butler comes to the NFL from Plaquemine, LA. While Plaquemine is very much a small town, it’s certainly no stranger to gridiron greatness. Washington legend KR/RB Brian Mitchell hails from the same small town. Butler would certainly welcome a long career similar to Brian Mitchell but can he offer more than just special teams production?

Lets take a look and see who Percy Butler is.

When Percy arrived at the University of Louisiana as a freshman he quickly excelled on special teams. His speed and tenacity made him an immediate standout racking up special teams tackles.

Entering his sophomore year starting 12 of 14 games Butler not only played well on special teams but he became a legitimate free safety prospect. This is where Percy started to develop his excellent anticipation skills in the pass game. His ability to diagnose plays and explode to the ball through the receiver started to develop. This allowed Butler to be disruptive at the catch point causing pass breakups.

After leading his Ragin Cajuns with three forced fumbles in his sophomore campaign Butler would continue his progression into his junior year. In a COVID shortened 2020 season, Percy was able increase his pass breakups to (6) and his INTS (2). His comfortability diagnosing offenses from the deep safety spot was evident as Butler flashed ability to make plays from sideline to sideline.

In 2021 Percy showed another aspect to his game, versatility. Percy played in the Slot at over 150 snaps and in the box at over 160 snaps. By far his best spot was at deep safety playing over 280 snaps there In 2021.

While Butler continued his progression as a senior in 2021, he still has deficiencies to his game. Butler is a fast player who plays fast and sometimes that speed can betray him. He can at times come into a play too hot and over run a play and miss the ball carrier. Butler also has to do a better job of wrapping up when tackling. While this can be due to many factors it seems that he needs to do a better job of throttling down his speed to get in better position to make the tackle.

In all, Butler is a tough minded player whose speed and range at the deep safety spot will help him excel at the next level. However it’s his tenacity and unrelenting motor that will get him on the field early for the Commanders.

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