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Post-Game Report Card: DAL Crushes WFT 56 – 14

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Offense: Grade F

The offense was the worst it has ever been so far in the 2021 season. OC Scott Tuner continued to rely on the passing game only occasionally calling running plays. The straight drop back passing employed by Turner lead to incompletions, INTs,sacks and many three & outs. The offense was only able to score two touchdowns. Heinicke was under constant pressure but was also inaccurate or late on just about every throw.

Defense: Grade F

The Defense sat in their soft zone all night allowing the Dallas offense to run and throw at will all night. Dak was able to find open receivers every time he dropped back. The defensive line generated no pressure in the pass game and got pushed around in the run game. It was clear from the start that the defensive plan wasn’t working but no there were no changes made by Jack Del Rio. To top all of that off, our own players (Jonathan Allen & DaRon Payne) got into an altercation with each other on the sidelines.

Special Teams: Grade F

RB Wendell Smallwood gave a poor effort blocking on punt near the teams own endzone which led to a Dallas block and recovery in the endzone for a touchdown. That simply cannot happen, but it was par for the course as to how the game went. There was no production in the return game of any kind.

Coaching: Grade F

Rivera and his coordinators came into tonight’s game having made no corrections to the previous weeks gameplans and that lack of adjustment cost them. With the on-field execution being abysmal and chaos happening on their own sidelines Rivera showed no emotion. Rivera’s inability to recognize team issues or offer any solutions in a timely manner has proved to be a major issue.

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