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Post-Game Report Card: Titans Slap Commanders 21 – 17

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Offense: Grade D

The offense outside of two plays looked exactly like what we've seen all season. Scott Turner continued to ignore the running game in hopes of hitting big pass plays deep down the field. To his credit he was able to dial up two pass plays that resulted in long touchdown throws from Carson Wentz to Dyami Brown. Both plays were exciting and fun to watch but they were the only plays. The offense failed to get WR Terry McLaurin more involved only going to him later in the football game. Wentz again missed some big throws that would have helped keep the offense on schedule. Between the running backs they had twelve carries for twenty-eight yards. The two big plays were really nice but they don't make an offense. Turner needed to change his approach this week but he refused and the offense struggled again in an embarrassing loss at home.

Defense: Grade B

The defense played its best game of the year so far. The defense was active in pressuring QB Ryan Tannehil to the tune of 5 sacks. They also consistently moved him off his spot and knocked him down. The players did their best to slow down Derrick Henry but ultimately they were no match for the larger than life running back as he gained 102 yards with 2 TD's on 28 carries. The Titans ground attack controlled the game and kept our defense from truly taking over. The blueprint is out on our secondary and every offense we've played knows if you throw it deep on FS Bobby McCain that he will give up the catch or it will be Defensive Pass Interference and we just that as Mcain gave up deep pass to the struggling Titan quarterback. Jack Del Rio needs to address the FS position and consider making a change. More skilled offenses with better personnel will take more advantage of McCain as the season continues.

Special Teams: Grade B

The special teams unit was solid again. They made no glaring mistakes and made all their field goals and extra points. WR/PR/KR Dax Milne had a couple of returns that yielded very few yards. His really lone bad decision came in the second half when the offense which needed to score points. Milne decided to fair catch signal and let a punt bounce then roll to a stop. That punt hit the ground around the 30-25 yard line then rolled to around the 10 yard. You just can't do that. When your offense is struggling to gain yards, you have to get those yards whenever and where ever you can. Milne should have come up to actually fair catch that punt to give our offense decent field position. Even if he has to run into traffic to fair catch it the rules are on our side that the defender can't interfere with the catch (Kick-Catch Interference Rule) so you can't let that punt hit the ground and roll back to the 10 yard line.

Coaching: Grade F

While the game was close it was still a loss and the coaching staff had all week to craft a gameplan to attack this Titan defense that had lost numerous starters and that had struggled so far this season. The gameplan didn't look any different than the previous weeks. We completely ignored our own run game for the continued search of big pass plays which we did get two of them but literally nothing else. The coaches should have kept attacking deep given that Dyami had success but we never went back to it. Derrick Henry had 28 carries and it was well known the Titans gameplan would be running the ball and yet we didn't see more run blitzes or different personnel packages to help stop the run. Another loss and more continued inaction by the coaching staff. We will what changes, if any happen this Thursday against the Bears.

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