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The Gibson Dilemma

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Gibson is a massive running back with the quickness and speed of a much smaller man. His comparison coming out of college ranged from Kallen Ballage to Joe Mixon. Coach Rivera suggested Arian Foster but all evidence considered, I think Gibson's most accurate comparison is currently (and I hate typing this) Demarco Murray. Gibson can far exceed that comparison with more consistent opportunities in the pass and run game but for now, that's where I see him.

Antonio Gibson might be the one player on the WFT roster who's success is directly tied to wins and who's failures, in particular fumbles, are tied to losses. Washington is (1-4) when Gibson loses a fumble and (3-1) when Gibson rushes for 90+ yards. The only loss? A game in which he lost a fumble.

NFL running backs fumble the ball, it happens, but Gibson does so at an alarming rate. Gibson's combine measurables may explain the fumbles in large part as he is bigger than Adrian Peterson but has smaller hands than Dustin Hopkins. His hand size at the combine was 8 5/8 inches which in comparison Najee Harris was 10 1/4. J.D. McKissic who is 4 inches shorter and 30+ lbs lighter has 9.5 inch hands.

Hand size aside there might also be another issue at play. Tiki Barber who famously fixed his fumbling issues talks about 'contact awareness' when addressing his own fumbling problems. The art of being prepared for the contact when it comes. Gibson is still new to the RB position at the highest level so he has time to figure this out but for his benefit and ours, it would be wonderful if that were sooner rather than later.

Gibson is electric and hasn't even learned to hit the home run ball yet.That will come with improved vision and patience. He has the ability to be a franchise changer on the field and a fan favorite off of it. He looks the part with his size, jersey number and diamond grill. Washington is a running back town first and a QB town second. When it's all said and done he could be remembered with the likes of Portis, Stephen Davis, Ernest Byner and dare I say, John Riggins in terms of legacy with our team. However, before he can be held in that high regard he must first learn to hold the football or risk becoming the next Matt Jones.

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