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The Heinicke Experience

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Taylor Heinicke represents the essence of WFT QBs. He's doubted by 50% of the fanbase, loved by 45% of the fanbase and ignored by the other 5%. When it comes to fan acceptance (or lack thereof ) he is right up there with all of our prior QBs (other than RG3 in 2012). The list of schismatic QBs is a long and depressing one.

Heincike has a Hollywood movie backstory but a late round pick, arm. However, he is the quarterback personification of Y.O.LO. Heinicke plays Quarterback like all of us did in our yards as kids. 4th and 33? - going for it! WR triple covered? Throwing it! And you know what? It makes Sundays worth watching in an otherwise underwhelming season.

In my opinion, Heincke's future in the NFL is already written. The league wants pedigree at the QB position. Rarely will teams go all in on a good story, limited talent, overachieving QB. That being said, the ride continues to be fun and highly entertaining.

Heinicke is the every man who made it. He's the awkward middle aged dad that shows up to open gym and schools everyone on the court, that we've all watched on Youtube. He's the guy that's easy to root for because at some point in your life you've been down and out like he was and you've overcome it like he did. Heinicke's story is our story even if the clock will eventually strike midnight.

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