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The NFC East. A throne in transition

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One of the most prestigious divisions in the NFL will be looking for a new king to rule the kingdom for the next several years starting in 2022. Let's evaluate each team's chance to lay claim to the NFC East throne.

Dallas Cowboys:

Super Bowls Won: 5

NFCE Titles since 1970: 20

Head Coach Rank: Middle/Lower tier

Salary Cap Situation: Hell

Current Roster Grade: B+

QB Situation: Locked Down

Defense: Very Solid

Future Outlook: D+

Why: The Dallas Cowboys will succumb to their frivolous spending habits over the next few seasons. Their cap situation is the worst in the league through the next 3 seasons. This means that Dallas will be forced to let key contributors go and will need to hit on nearly every draft pick to stay competitive. The other issue for Dallas is the head coach. McCarthy is a nice guy but he doesn't exactly inspire the locker room and faces an uphill battle once the roster starts to turnover. Jerry's lack of patience for mediocrity will always be lurking.

Philadelphia Eagles:

Super Bowls Won: 1

NFCE Titles since 1970: 11

Head Coach Status: Replaced within 1-2 yrs

Salary Cap Situation: Not great

Current Roster Grade: C-

QB situation: C-

Defense : Needs help

Future Outlook: C-

Why: The Eagles are in the unfortunate situation of having a quirky coach with a mediocre roster and a QB who is essentially Tyrod Taylor when he's healthy. The Eagles will have to ask themselves if they feel they can go far enough with Hurts or take the gamble of replacing him via the draft. Philly seems to be a few steps away from blowing the whole thing up and a few playmakers from being taken serious. They're tough to figure out but with their cap situation and a less than stellar head coach, their outlook isn't trending up. Landing the right HC and few positive drafts can certainly change that.

New York Giants:

Super Bowls Won: 4

NFCE Titles since 1970: 8

Head Coach Status: Won't survive 2021

Salary Cap Situation: Not Good

Current Roster Grade: D-

QB situation: C-

Defense : Meh.

Future Outlook: D-

Why: Over the last few years the Giants have been frustratingly close to being at least mediocre but always come up short. Their 2021 offseason was one of the worst in the league and their head coach treats the team like a middle school team rather than grown men. Their GM is on the way out and they are stuck with bad contracts. The Giants QB is out of chances and fans are growing weary of Saquon and his physical baggage. What is there to be positive about in NY other than the potential of drafting a new QB? However, if Gettleman is allowed to continue his reign, I would not be surprised to see them target a "Hog Mollie" which would send the franchise into immediate purgatory.

Washington Football Team:

Super Bowls Won: 3

NFCE Titles since 1970: 9

Head Coach Status: Locked Down

Salary Cap Situation: Chef's Kiss

Current Roster Grade: C-

QB situation: C-

Defense : C-

Future Outlook: B

Why: Unlike any other team in the NFC East, Washington is emerging from its dark days rather than preparing to enter into them. They have a bullet proof head coach and team president. They have the cap space to sign whomever they want and for the first time in ages the front office has complete autonomy to make the player/personnel decisions. However, having 3 people wearing the GM hat is not a plus as it rarely works out. The QB situation while currently inspiring is still un-solved for the long term. The defense got a off to a really slow start but has played better recently. The trouble is believing which version of the defense is the real defense. Both of Washington's coordinators have at least a few question marks that need to be answered.

All things considered, Washington has an excellent opportunity to run this division through the next presidential inauguration. Each of the NFC East team's outlook can change with a few shrewd moves but we can only go by the information we have on hand. If Washington can do the things right that they haven't since the Cooke era, they have a chance to dominate this division for the next 3-4 years. If not, they'll find themselves where they've always been, fighting for relevance.

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