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The Quarterback Quandary

For more details on this and other similar topics, check out the podcast here: In real estate it’s all about “Location, Location, Location“. Well in football it’s all about the “Quarterback, Quarterback, Quarterback

This off-season will be one of the most important in the franchise’s history as they usher in a new name, new uniforms and hopefully a new face of the franchise. With Rivera heading into a pivotal year three in his tenure. Rivera will have to chose between drafting a Quarterback high in the upcoming draft to build this team around or attempt a major trade for a high level veteran QB. I say high level quarterback because Rivera has already tried going the mid-to-low level journeyman QB (Fitzpatrick) route which blew up in his face this year. It’s going to take a veteran QB with high-level skills to elevate the play of our offense as well as the rest of the team. Both options have their appeal so let’s take a look at them.

Draft a QB of the future:

Ultimately any NFL team who has had sustained success is mainly due to their ability to draft and develop a signal caller of their own. This is really the best option for Ron, if he truly wants to build the team the right way and win consistently. Finding a QB is extremely difficult and requires a lot of; scouting, interviewing, investigation to find that player of the future. With the team in the midst of a full rebrand the desire for a fresh faced quarterback who can lead the team down its new path while giving a beaten down fanbase the hope of big wins to come may be too tempting to pass up. Having a promising young rookie can help take away the negative attention around the name change or team owner and replace it with optimism or positivity about the potential future. Developing a rookie QB will require some patience while they learn so the wins might not come for a bit.

Sign/Trade for Veteran QB:

One big factor to consider is that Rivera will be entering year 3 of a 5 year contract so he maybe feeling some pressure to win now after coming off two consecutive losing seasons so a veteran quarterback might be the way he goes. That being said there are only a few veteran QB’s who could come here and actually elevate the teams play and win games for us. Quarterbacks such as; Rodgers, Wilson, Watson, Carr or even Matt Ryan to a lesser degree are the best of possible veteran QB options but they are all under contract in 2022. Now barring anything crazy happening like a blow up with Rodgers and GB or Atlanta decides to cut Matt Ryan for salary cap reasons it will take some type of trade to acquire those guys. Trading for a productive quarterback no matter their age means your going to have to give up high drafts picks in return. Also as part of these big trades for Quarterbacks the player is typically signed to a new contract or an extension to secure their future with their new team. That means Rivera will have to trade high draft picks and commit a large portion of their salary cap to an aging veteran who’s best years were with another team. It’s an extremely risky endeavor but one that could have major rewards if said QB can lead the team on a deep playoff run.

My choice would be to build it the right way for long term success and just draft a QB of our own. Yes, there will be a development period for the quarterback but that’s an extremely small price to pay for having stability at the most important position in sports. The reward of developing our own QB would give us the opportunity to be competitive every season for the next decade.

How would you solve the QB position? More importantly how does Rivera and Company solve their problem at quarterback?

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