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Upon Further Review 1.0

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Upon Further Review, I had been okay with Rivera’s “let’s build the team first and then drop in a QB later” approach…. but not anymore. Not after seeing the defense regress to start thisseason. Not after seeing Ryan Fitzpatrick, the veteran QB, go down in the very first game of the year. Not after realizing that this team, as currently constructed, needed more than a stop gap solution at QB.

This team needs to finally find their franchise QB. A long-term solution at the most critical position in sports is going to be the only way weget ourselves out of the mediocrity that we are constantly mired in. I thought we could wait to get that quarterback but that only works if your defense is good enough to carry the team and only serves to prolong the development of your skill players. Obtaining a young QB with the potential to develop into a player who cannot only uplift his offense, but the entire team must be priority #1 this offseason.

There are too many examples of QBs who have been able to make their teams better with their physical abilities as well as their mental skillset in recent memory such as Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Hebert, and rookie Mac Jones. Can you imagine having a QB who has the quick mental processing and arm strength/talent to get the ball to Terry McLaurin in stride while he runs past Cowboy defenders enroute to the endzone? Having a QB who can do that year in year and year out would give us the ability to get maximum production out of all our skill positions. Having a QB who can consistently move the offense and score points can also help the defense from having to be perfect all the time. With all of that said, Ron Rivera knows he will need to draft a QB of the future for any long-term success to take place in D.C. To that point, Rivera has had team scouts attend thecollege gamesof top QB prospects like Kenny Pickett, Sam Howell, Matt Corral, and Malik Willis. The big question is will Ron make the gamble in the upcoming draft and select a QB, or will he try the vet QB option again? To steal a line from the great gambling movie Rounders (1997) “You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle. But you can’t win much either.”Riverboat Ron needs to throw his chips in the middle and GET his QB1.

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