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  • Mike Pyatt

Heinicke SZN Part II - Ugly Wins Are Pretty

Not everyone can win pretty all the time but, some teams have to play ugly to win; they have to muck it up. I would love for Washington to win a game by two or more scores but as long as they win, does it matter? So excuse me if I laugh at anyone complaining about how Washington wins its games.


That's why I have to give Commanders’ offensive coordinator Scott Turner a bit of props for the game he called Sunday. I know the team only scored 23 points but offensively, the team played well after a slow start. Turner should know what throws Heinicke can't make and because he knows that arm is limited, Turner should lean on the run more... Which he did. The Commanders finished the game with a team total of 166 rushing yards against the Packers. If he tried to win pretty, if the offense tried to throw it all over, he would have walked away with an L.


Wentz may be better but I have to accept that what some have said may be right. There's a difference when Heinicke is playing QB. There is a sort of electric feeling towards it.


Eventually, I'll lead an article talking about the defense but even with their stout 3rd downplay and ability to lock up in the red zone, we have to realize that this team isn't playing the hottest of offenses. So I'll continue to be cautiously optimistic even with the Colts starting a rookie in his first game this Sunday.


The game versus Indy (Which I'll be attending in person) will be interesting. I'm expecting Washington to win... But how many damn times have we lost to QBSs and teams that were perceived as inferior?


It's really tough being a Redsk, I mean Football Te... My apologies; Commanders fan. A win on Sunday bringing the team back to .500 &

would make the fans feel a bit better; even if only for one night.

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