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  • Mike Pyatt

Heinicke SZN Part III: Turner’s Savior

I don’t think I was wrong about Wentz. He’s the best QB on the Commanders still. Yet, I still owe Taylor Heinicke an apology.


All this time, I believed that it was Scott Turner who saved Heinicke. These last two weeks have made it CLEAR that it is Heinicke that saved Turner.


Heinicke erases the deficiencies that Turner has as a play caller.


For the second straight week, Heinicke had to make Rex Grossman-type throws to get a W for the Commanders in a game the defense played well enough to win easily if it held help from the offense.


I don’t know if it’s because I was there or what but seeing how stagnant the offense became after that second drive helped finally open my eyes.


If the offense looks inconsistent with BOTH quarterbacks, it’s time to look at who’s in charge.


Seriously... Think about it.


To me, Dwayne Haskins (RIP) looked MUCH better under former Redskins Offensive Coordinator and current Minnesota Vikings Head Coach, Kevin O'Connell (Also Washington’s next opponent. Also, remember how awful Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing in 2021 before his injury? The pre-season and first quarter were hard watches. Hold up... EVERY PRE-SEASON has looked bad under Turner, but I digress.


Jack Del Rio's seat was scorching at one point but he has the defense playing out their minds right now. The bend-but-break style is excellent when it’s forcing turnovers. As a result, the offense has now, once again, become the weak point.


Until it’s Heinicke time…


What I saw cannot be ignored. With Wentz or Heinicke, Washington’s offense is not performing despite its repertoire of weapons and I believe it's on Scott Turner.

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