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Jahan Dotson was the Right Pick for the Commanders

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The 2022 NFL Draft was one of the first big events in the Commanders inaugural offseason. The rookies selected in this draft class will serve to be the first in Commander’s history. With that type of importance hanging in the balance Rivera and his staff needed to get their first pick right. The 1st round pick of the Commanders needed to be a true “Face of the Franchise”. Drake London, Garrett Wilson, Kyle Hamilton…who would it be?

Who……? That’s right, Jahan Dotson! The Commanders selected a Wide Receiver from Penn State. Most media reports and fans had all been clamoring for a dynamic playmaker on offense all offseason. The team it seems agreed and decided to get a playmaker to help new QB Carson Wentz. In a draft class loaded with wide receiver talent, Rivera selected a name that was a surprise to fans. Below I will give you three reasons why Jahan Dotson was absolutely the right pick for the Washington Commanders.


This is the most obvious reason but it’s also the most important reason. Dotson is one of the most talented and well-rounded wide receivers in this draft class. Dotson’s ability to catch and attack the football at its highest point is excellent. Jahan displayed soft hands plucking the ball out of the air during his time in college. With numerous evaluators noting his ball skills, even NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah saying he has “The best hands in the draft.” Dotson is also a smooth route runner. He is very advanced when it comes to running the entire route tree. Jahan can disguise his routes making them all look similar right up until he makes his final cut which helps him gain quick separation from the defender. Off-platform catches or catches away from the players body is an attribute that not every wide receiver has but something Dotson has in spades. A receiver who can make catches away from their body enables a less accurate quarterback to make more completions and keep the offense moving on time. Being able to excel in all these areas helped to solidify Dotson’s label of being one of the most talented players in the draft.

History of Success

Since setting foot on campus at Penn State Jahan has improved each year while being a focal point of the Nittany Lion offense. Despite having average at best quarterback play at State College, Dotson continually put-up major production each game. Against Ohio State and its high caliber players; Dotson posted a combined (2020 & 2021 games) 19 receptions, 271 yards and 3 touchdowns. To have that type of production when you’re the focus of the opposing teams’ attention says a lot about how a player manages adversity and how they overcome it. Being able to produce on the field and improve each season shows how focused Jahan is at getting better each game. That track record of success should carry over to the NFL as we watch Jahan’s career begin.


Is this important? Yes, it is. Players absolutely need high end physical abilities to be successful, but they also need to have a high level of character to have sustained success. Being able to run fast won’t help you navigate the enormous pressures associated with being a first-round pick. By all accounts, every scouting report or Penn State coach has had nothing but positive comments about Dotson’s character and work ethic. Jahan’s humble beginnings have helped to give him a strong work ethic and an always present sense of personal responsibility. When things aren’t going well on the field Dotson will be the type of player who will look inward and say, “How can I be better to help my team,” he won’t look outward to point fingers. In this department Dotson has nothing but high marks and that will serve him well as one of the new faces in this Commanders Era.

The combination of those three traits all blended perfectly into Jahan Dotson really made him the best possible first round pick for the Washington Commanders. The only thing left for him to do now is just go out on the field and show what we all know he can do.

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