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The Next 5 Years.....

It finally happened. The Washington football franchise is no longer in the hands of Daniel Snyder. What an unimaginable outcome for fans who thought they'd be stuck with the Snyder regime forever.

It was clear that this franchise wasn't going to win under Snyder and the embarrassment of being a fan of a team drowning in nonsense was unavoidable.

While fans of the 31 other NFL teams lived and died with their teams in living color, fans of the Commanders persisted through seasons of nimbostratus gray. But that was the last 30 years and new ownership brings hope and with it, the ability to believe again. The 2012 season was incredible but under no circumstance should that be the pyramidion season for this franchise since R.E.M. released "Losing My Religion".

So what does this franchise need to accomplish in the next 5 years?

  1. Build a credible business organization with integrity based business practices. No $6 billion NFL franchise should be looking to cut corners and take advantage of fans with a median income of $50,000. NFL fans are passionate and will spend money if there is a product they can believe in. Do not run this franchise like the owner of a 37% interest BHPH auto lot.

  2. Find the right organizational leadership on and off the field. The Washington Football organization has been plagued with bad hires, bad people and bad ideas. You can't build winners if the people empowered to make those decisions are bad at their job. If you don't feel beyond the shadow of a doubt that those folks are already working for this org then Pluck the GM, President and coaching staff from organizations that model who you want to be.

  3. Create a home field advantage.  Typically by October, the seats at Fedex are empty or flooded with opposing fans. Fans of this team have been ridiculed into apathy. Give the fans something to care about. The team also needs to stop selling tickets to after market ticket vendors who are more than happy to sell them to the away team fans.

  4. Create respect and relevance amongst national media outlets. For far too long the national media has either ignored this franchise or set out to expose the flaws in this organization. This town needs stars, it's needs an exciting brand of football and it needs to give all of the national pundits something positive to talk about. We need to deserve to be on the top of the rundown as much as any other team.

  5. Find the franchise QB. Enough is enough. You either have the guy or you don't. This franchise deserves a Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes. No more short cuts to glory. If Howell isn't on that level then draft high and develop early.

  6. Just win baby. Allow me to rephrase, Play in an NFC championship game. Is been so long since this town has enjoyed a deep playoff run. When the team does make the playoffs it's usually because they've backed into the playoffs and there isn't a realistic chance to win anything meaningful. Go do damage in the playoffs!

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