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The Sam Howell Checklist

Sam Howell has a significant wave of momentum behind him and is in the process of developing his own "hive" as fans like to call themselves. Here's what we want to see from Howell through the remainder of training camp and preseason to put any concerns about his capabilities to rest.

  1. Consistent throws to the short - intermediate middle of the field. Sam Howell's height is not as much of a concern in today's NFL as it would have been 10 years ago but seeing over the line to connect on those short- middle passes may still prove to be a challenge. Howell can overcome this by showing good pocket movement and an understanding of NFL throwing lanes. We know Howell has the deep ball but on average you connect on those 2-3 times per game.

2. Protecting himself on the move. Howell is an intense runner with the football who, sometimes looks for contact by lowering his shoulder. Howell has to remember that the fastest way off the field is on the medical cart. You can't win a long term job if you cannot stay on the field. Play smart. Know when the play is over and use his baseball background to slide to safety.

3. Regularly getting through progressions. Generally speaking, it's a pretty good bet that his first read will be open considering the receiving talent on this roster. However, in camp, Howell should really exercise full reads so that it's not foreign to him and this offense when going up against some of the league's best defensive backs. Howell's draft profile suggests he can rely on the first read a little too often. Let's see if Bieniemy can coach him up.

4. Eliminate redzone turnovers. This is not to suggest that this is a "code red" concern at this point but there is enough of a track record to add this to the watch list.

Once Howell learns that 3pts are better than 0 pts, he'll be just fine.

What do you need to see from Howell this offseason? Comment below.

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