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Commanders fan perspective: I'm tired.

By: Mike Pyatt

I’m tired…

It's Dallas week and the Commanders are debuting their alternate black uniforms. I should be excited but I'm not. How can I be? For the second straight week the team that we love and cheer for was absolutely blasted but this time it was by the Philadelphia Eagles at "Lincoln Field South" this past Sunday.

It was bad; if you didn't see it, you're blessed. At one point, the offense gave up three sacks on three consecutive plays; everyone shares the blame for that. Carson Wentz for holding the ball too long, the offensive line for being too weak, Scott Turner for not adjusting, and Ron Rivera for not making sure the offense was ready are the main reason Washington’s offense has these TRASH periods during the game when they can’t do anything. Check out the latest episode of the WFT Declassified Podcast to get a deeper take on the offensive woes. What we all can agree on is that there’s no way this team should look this bad offensively to start games. That opening drive in Week 1 seems so far away.

The defense tried their best but even they found a way to get cooked eventually. The decline of Kendall Fuller is hard to watch. Jamin Davis was okay; Cole Holcomb wasn't. I really won’t fault the defense for their part on Sunday. Outside of the dumb decision to call up Richard Wildgoose instead of trying to get a vet off the practice squad, it wasn’t much they could do with Philly.

Going to Dallas and playing the Cowboys doesn’t hit as hard as it should. Winning this game and next week’s game at FedEx vs the Titans can really do wonders for this franchise. I just don’t believe it’s going to happen… This isn’t even a “Redskins” thing; Rivera himself has shown us that he is not capable of early season success here in DC.

It could get ugly around here if Washington is 1-4 on Columbus Day. Excuse me for looking ahead, I understand it all starts on Sunday. If they can take out a weakened Dallas, it could be the boost the team needs to right the last two weeks; these, AWFUL, two weeks.

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