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What will it take for a QB to win over the Commander's fanbase?

Washington has had an extremely difficult time in trying to find its QB of the present and future. In the last 40+ years there is only one period where Commanders fans will acknowledge a franchise QB and his name was Joe Theismann. Theismann was QB1 in this town for nearly a decade.  Outside of Theismann, there hasn't been anyone close to being universally accepted as our franchise QB. Yes, RG3 was on his way in 2012 but he had his share of detractors and his career was quickly derailed.

Here's what it's going to take to become universally accepted by fans in this town.

  1. The QB must be drafted by this franchise. Trades and/or free agents almost never become franchise guys with their new teams. Even Matt Stafford, who won a super bowl with the Rams has fans calling for Baker Mayfield. A draft pick creates an organic relationship with the fanbase from day one. Fans want to be a part of the QB's come up story and the only way for that to happen is a draft pick.

  2. The QB must know something about the legacy and glory days of our proud franchise. He doesn't need to be a Redskins trivia expert but must display some level of competency regarding the better times here. We are one of the premier franchises in NFL history even if recent history would suggest otherwise.

  3. The QB must check all of the physical boxes of the great NFL QBs. Height, weight, speed and arm talent. This is a town that loves to fall in love with a good story, small in statue and limited on talent, underdog QB but look where it's gotten us. Overachiever QBs are divisive because a fraction of the fanbase will always point to their limitations. If we're being honest, there isn't exactly a great track record of winning big with guys like that.

  4. His head coach & OC must want him to succeed. We've seen far too many talented QBs come through our system who were not embraced by coaching but loved by ownership and vice versa. In order to be universally accepted by fans outside the organization, there must be synergy within the organization about who the starter is. Lord only knows that we don't need any other "leaks" about studying  habits and personal lives of our QB. Fans follow the organization so if there is doubt inside Ashburn there will be a divided fanbase on the outside of it.

  5. He must have a "cool factor". I'm not saying he needs to be out here getting sturdy but he needs to be able to connect with with the 15-40 year old demographic. One of the many reasons that Carson Wentz was doomed before he started here was because his personality was not at all relatable, at least to the public.

  6. The QB has to have quality media training. Like it or not, local media have played a significant role in fueling  QB controversies in DC. A QB with proper training will be able to navigate tough media market and appease local radio and tv stations. It's a necessary evil.

Washington has tried all the wrong ways to address the position. It's time to get serious about solving this mystery so that we can get back to our winning ways and reunite this passionate fanbase.

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