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Do it again...Can Washington start 2-0 for the first time since 2011?

By: Mike Pyatt - social media @MikefromSw

As Commander fans, we tend to be a bit more cautious with our excitement concerning the team. So please excuse our hesitancy coming off an opening season win versus the Jaguars.

Of course, we want to be happy but how can we be so happy when after taking a commanding 14-3 lead earlier in the game, we still found ourselves down 22-14 in the middle of the 4th quarter?

That's the life of a Washington fan. It's one rollercoaster after another. Week in and week out, you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Carson Wentz is most certainly a Commanders' QB; we learned quickly how much of an adventure it is with him at the helm. Even before the interceptions in the 2nd half, during the first half, he missed a few passes that seemed like layups while hitting passes that we haven't seen a QB hit in a long time. Then, the interceptions. Although one may not have been all his fault, both were inexcusable considering the time of the game they occurred, and considering Wentz's good first half, it was unfortunate to see the two turnovers.

That's why having not one, not two, but three receivers on your team that can make plays. Simply put, Washington does not win the game without the performances of Curtis Samuel, Jahan Dotson, and Terry McLaurin. They combined to have four touchdowns which included the game-clinching catch by Dotson late in the fourth quarter.

The Detroit Lions are coming off a tough loss versus the Eagles in Week 1 and look to bounce back while hoping to take advantage of the play of their dynamic running back duo.

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