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Hot Take: 11/25/21

We do not need Curtis Samuel this year.

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With news of Curtis Samuel “Potentially Returning” and the still new, change in offensive philosophy taking hold within the team. It begs the question do we even need to see Curtis Samuel? Why would that be a problem you ask?

Well with the recent shift in offensive focus to a run-oriented attack the offense’s need for a player like Samuel has diminished. Samuel represents everything Turner wanted to do offensively in the first eight games of the season which was throw the ball east to west using lot of shorter/underneath routes, wide receiver screens and an extremely basic underutilized run game.

That type of offense got us nowhere to start the season. Having Samuel back would present a major temptation for Scott Turner to return to his pass happy ways by trying to feature him within the offense. The passing attack struggled during the first eight games when the offense rested squarely on the shoulders of Taylor Heinicke. Now that the offense is flowing through and from our run game Heinicke is flourishing. Outside of the amazing Terry McLaurin, other receivers have started to emerge like; (Deandre Carter, John Bates, Rickey Seal-Jones, Cam Sims) with the recent course correction and offensive success. Taking those recent developments into account, I do not see the need to bring back Curtis Samuel, given how bad his groin injury has been and how late in the season it is. He should go on the Injured Reserve List and get fully healthy for next season. With the revelation of our offensive line as the new driving force of our team and with new contributors on offense emerging, let us see where that takes us this year. Curtis can shine for us next season.

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