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Post-Game Report Card: Cowboys Roll Commanders 25 – 10

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Offense: Grade F

The Commanders offense was bad, extremely bad. The Scott Turner led offense again remained stubborn in their approach to this week’s game and learned no lessons from the previous week against the Eagles. Knowing Dallas had a strong pass rush and that using the quick pass game would be a staple of today’s gameplan was priority number one. Turner quickly abandoned the quick passing game and the run game for his beloved deep vertical passing game. There was no moving the pocket to buy Carson more time. RB Jonathan Williams was able to find yards on the ground but each time he did Turner would immediately go away from the run to a play that would result in negative yards. The offensive line struggled with poor play and penalties. Carson was erratic all day and couldn’t find a way to overcome the constant Dallas pressure. Just another dreadful performance by everyone on the offense.


Defense: Grade D

The defense started out the day playing well but that wouldn’t last. The defense faced a backup QB in Cooper Rush and wasn’t able to force him into bad situations or bad throws. Dallas quickly found out that our secondary was weak, and they continued to have Cooper Rush throw deep on the Commanders. That led to big plays and big pass interference penalties that Dallas used to score 25 points. Jack Del Rio and his defense were embarrassed by a backup Quarterback who the Cowboys had cut 5 times in previous years.


Special Teams: Grade B

The return units did a solid job of deciding when to bring out the ball this game. The punt team was solid as they got a lot of work today. K Joey Slyefinally attempted and made his first field goal of the year.


Coaching: Grade F

The coaching staff appeared to learn no lessons from the Lions and Eagles game. The offense failed again to utilize the quick passing game against the heavy rush of the Cowboys. Rivera also showed questionable decision making with his end of half decisions. He let valuable time run off the clock that his struggling team could have surely used. Rivera seeing his team struggling to contain a backup quarterback and an offense that couldn’t generate points, he offered no plan or second half adjustments. Rivera continued to stand quietly on the sideline while his team drowned in a sea of mistakes and poor play. This was a humiliating effort by the entire coaching staff but specifically from Ron Rivera.

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