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Post-Game Report Card: Eagles Embarrass Commanders 24 – 8

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Offense: Grade F

The Commanders offense was once again stifled and shut out in the first half against the Eagles. The Scott Turner led offense appeared to learn no lessons from the previous week against the Lions. Turner opted to use longer developing pass plays which paved the way for six sacks in the 1st half. The Eagles ended the day with a total of nine sacks. The offensive line faced a heavy rush all day and was never put into position to succeed. There was no attempt to make any adjustments in the second half as the offense continued to punt or turn the football over. The offense scored SIX points today.

Defense: Grade D

The defense started out the game playing smart and inspired football. They used more man coverage on several snaps which allowed DB’s to be in better positions to make plays on the football. Jamin Davis showed his speed early, closing down running lanes for Jalen Hurts. That’s where the positives stop. With William Jackson out the team opted to start CB Richard Wildgoose a player who they claimed off waivers a few weeks ago. This move made little sense as the Commanders have Rookie CB Christian Holmes who they drafted and has been with the team all offseason. Wildgoose had two PI penalties and was picked on often by Hurts. The defense gave up big play after play in the pass game. AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith made big catches on just about every Eagles possession. Jalen Hurts had his way with this defense enroute to a big day passing.

Special Teams: Grade B

The return units did a much better job of deciding when to bring out the ball this game. Because the offense wasn't able to move the football most of the day there wasn’t any opportunities for field goals. The punt team was solid as they got a lot of work today.

Coaching: Grade F

The entire coaching staff had *Another* awful game. The coaching staff appeared to learn no lessons from the Lions game. The offense failed again to utilize the quick passing game against the heavy rush of the Eagles. Turner also didn’t commit to using the north-south running that the Eagles have appeared to be susceptible to and chose more of the east-west running which the Eagles completely shut down. Defensively this coaching started out using some different tactics that worked but for whatever reason they reverted back to their soft zone defense that Hurts repeatedly burned for big plays. While all this was going on Rivera just stood on the sideline showing no emotion or offering no words of encouragement to his team. Rivera allowed this gameplan to be installed during the week and then he watched on Sunday as that same gameplan failed in spectacular fashion.

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