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The Most Dangerous Player From every Commanders Opponent.

The Commanders have a much softer schedule (on paper) this year than they did last year. However, that does not mean that there aren't players the Commanders need to be concerned with. Here's a list of a player on each opponent that could ruin the Commanders day.

Jacksonville - Brandon Scherff

Scherff is no stranger to the DC area. He was a dominant offensive lineman for this team for several years. He's on this list because if he can keep Trevor Lawrence protected in week 1 then the Jags may have a fighting chance.

Detroit - Armon-Ra St. Brown

Our secondary was anything but great last year and St. Brown is a certified dog on the field. He had 90 catches, 900 yards and 5 TDs and a rookie. All that while having Jared Goff as his QB. Our secondary better get its act together or we're going to get baptized by the Motor City saint.

Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts

The Commanders fanbase is 50/50 on Hurts but trust me, the coaches in Washington are losing sleep on how to stop this dual treat dynamo. Hurts are a runner will test our ability to be happy sound and the overall quality of our linebackers.

Dallas Cowboys- Cee Dee Lamb

As much as I hate the Cowboys I gotta give Lamb his just due. Lamb is on the verge of being an elite WR given his physical profile and penchant for big plays. Every player in our secondary better keep an eye out for Lamb.

Tennessee Titans- Derek Henry

He's King Henry, enough said.

Chicago Bears - Cole Kmet

You're probably not all that familiar with Kmet but trust me, you will be after this game. Kmet is a really good young TE who back catch the rock with the best of them. His issue so far in the league is scoring TDs. Let's hope he doesn't solve that problem against us.

Green Bay Packers - Jaire Alexander

Alexander is a top notch corner that has given some of the best QBs in the league absolute first. Jaire could turn an off day from Wentz into doomsday. Carson will likely need to challenge Alexander a few times but he'll have to pick his spots wisely.

Colts - Jonathan Taylor

This one is probably the most obvious on the list but everything he does is problematic for the way this roster is constructed. Del Rio may need to find permanent residence in Indy if Jonathan Taylor is allowed to look like he did against the rest of the league in 2021.

Vikings - Justin Jefferson

Jefferson will get his, period. How much of his he gets is the real question. Who's going to match up with him? Most Commanders fans will live with one Griddy TD dance from

Jefferson but he has the potential to dance all night. The Commanders will need to lock #18 down.

Texans - Derek Stingley Jr

Word around NFL circles is that Stingley is the real deal. The Commanders had better hope that their TE group is back and healthy because you don't want to see Wentz challenge the boundaries against DSJ.

Atlanta Falcons - Kyle Pitts

If you've watched Washington play football since 2005 then you already know that tight ends feast on us. Pitts is the new breed of tight end that is an athletic freak but tremendous hands. If Pitts is left single covered by one of our LBs the game will left quicker than a Nascar race.

NY Giants - K'darius Toney

Toney is elusive and lighting quick both of which give poor tackling teams fits. Washington certainly had its battles with tackling last season and if not corrected, Toney is going to give the Commanders the blues.

Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett

Garrett has to be the offspring of Shaq and Michael Strahan. There is no other way a human can that big, agile and aggressive. He cannot be single blocked and is a disruptor in the pass and run game. Call Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock because it's going to take two to make this thing go right.

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