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10 things I noticed live from OTAs week 2 (with video).

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We were live at OTAs and while it was hot, we saw some very encouraging things. Here's 10 things we noticed at OTAs. There's bonus videos at the end.

10. Curtis Samuel is back!

Curtis looked fast and fluid on the field. He caught a TD bomb from Wentz and after the play he dunked(more like aggressive lay up) the ball up over the goal post. He also had several plays with handoffs out of the backfield.

9. Cole Turner might be a guy to watch.

Turner is gigantic but a very smooth runner. His hands are like glue when the ball is thrown his way. It's very difficult to not be impressed with him.

8. Sam Howell's arm is electric

Howell's arm might be the most "wow" thing at OTAs had Wentz not been there. The ball literally jumps of his hand and gets to the WR in a hurry. It's something you have to see live to really appreciate it.

7. Bryan Robinson looks the part

Robinson is going to get a lot of carries. He and Gibson were clearly the top backs in terms of pure runners. He looks the part too. Robinson was doing a great job executing in drills based on feedback from RB coach Randy Jordan.

6. Daron Payne

Payne might be the biggest human i've ever seen. It should be noted that Payne worked solely on the side field for the entirety of practice but he looked vicious in his movements going against the coach that was working with him.

5. J.D. McKissic looks great

We've become accustomed to McKissic's electric play but he was very elusive and quick on his feet during the OTA session. You can tell Randy Jordan really enjoys having him around. Jordan was very encouraging of McKissic as they went through the drills.

4. Chase Young was at the facility.

This is great news if you've been on Chase Young watch. He worked on the side field for practice but it was good to see him around.

3. This is Gibson's backfield

Antonio Gibson has a great presence about him and you can tell he's the leader in the RB room. Several times throughout practice he was encouraging the other backs. Gibson definitely looks leaner as was reported by several members of the local media. One other note on Gibson, his hands looked very reliable. Gibson caught several passes from Wentz and Wentz does not throw a soft ball.

Here's Gibson and Jonathan Williams going through a drill.

2. Dotson was very impressive

Jahan Dotson caught everything thrown his way and was routinely giving the defensive backs the business during team period. We compared him to TY Hilton and so far that looks like a great comparison. He was quiet and focused on his work but he was incredibly good at it. His 4.43 40 time was clearly on display.

  1. Wentz is impressive

It's hard to put into words the difference between Wentz and what we've had here previously. Wentz is enormous and his arm is on a different level. Wentz was in control of the offense and even corrected a RB when he motioned the wrong way pre-snap. Wentz deep ball seem to travel on forever before finding his WR deep in perfect stride. Wentz gives this fan base a lot to look forward to. I don't think people understand how much of an improvement this will be.

Wentz nearly knocks Cam Sims off his feet with this throw.

Bonus video

  1. Jaret Patterson going through a drill

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