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5 reasons why we should be optimistic about the 2022 season.

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In late July/ early August nearly every team is and should be excited because the season is new and the losses haven't added up yet. Truly the optimism is due to the significant opportunities that your favorite team has had to upgrade their talent and their staffs.

The 2022 Washington Commanders are no different. In fact, they are likely the prime example of stimulating optimism through offseason enhancements. Those enhancements have rarely worked out. I need not remind you of the Stubblefields, Haynesworth and Archulettas of the world.

However, R. Andrew DeFord (@Andrew_Deford *Follow him on twitter He's a great follow and loves the team) wants help validating his optimism for the upcoming season. So, here's 5 reasons why every Commanders fans should feel great about the upcoming season.

  1. The D- Line can't possibly be as bad as they were in 2022.

    • This sounds like a miserable reason to be excited but, for years we've been promised a dominant defensive line. Perhaps this is the season to finally expect it. Factor in how historically bad they were on 3rd down last year and the odds have to be in our favor, right?

  2. The Cowboys won the division last year.

    • I know this is an amelioration of circumstances but the NFC East is not typically won by the same team twice. This year could actually be our turn.

  3. The branding process is over

    • The team renaming was something that hung over the team's head and plagued the fan base for 2 years. It's done and like it, love it or hate it; It's over. We know who we are and we never have to discuss it again. Other than the fight song but that's for another article.

  4. We have a QB

    • I cannot say this with enough enthusiasm. I know he's not the greatest. Statistically he'll provide middle of the pack results but even that on a consistent basis would be such a major leap than the rollercoaster at QB we dealt with this past year and years prior. Best of all, we're not really tied to him. Mid-tier QBs and long term deals are a disaster waiting to happen and we don't have that with Wentz.. sorry vikings !

  1. There's no more excuses

    • Coming into the job Rivera had a million reasons to not be successful in his first few years. Rivera said this was going to take 3-5 years and in the NFL there is no such thing as 5 years. The third year is about the same time that Rivera began to experience success in Carolina so it's not unreasonable to expect the same here given his optimism.

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