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Being a fan in the DS era. Morals and Mayhem

In life there are only a few guarantees, cyclical market inflation, crypto making you rich and eventually making you poor again and allegations against Dan Snyder.

Let's be real, life is hard enough as it is without the exhausting experience of being a Washington football fan on the field, let alone the drama surrounding the owner.

Owners behaving badly is not something exclusive to DC.

For example:

  • Robert Kraft was caught with prostitutes

  • In 2013 the Vikings owner was guilty of civil racketeering to the tune of $103 million

  • Jim Irsay has a long history of run ins with the law but in recent history a woman he was intimately involved with was found dead in his home.

  • The Dolphins and Jets owners were found guilty of tax avoidance

  • Jerry Jones' buddy hands have been well documented and he himself has recently faced new allegations

And that is just the surface for NFL owners.

But Dan is different. He has been accused of  heinous crimes against women, mistreatment of employees and there are a lot of  people in this world who just don't like him. In contrast, most folks who have been around Mrs Snyder in person find her to be personable, incredibly smart and sincere. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but most fans think where there is smoke around Dan, there is usually a wildfire.

This is where being a fan of this team become so complex. If you open your sports bible to 1 John Madden chapter 2 verse 11 it says, " Winning covers a multitude of sins". Not these kind of sins though. For the record, we really haven't even won consistently anyway. Every Sunday fans take 800 mg of mediocrity as we're repeatedly reminded that our team can't get it right on the field. Monday through Saturday we're reminded what a horrible franchise we're fans of, off the field.

To be clear, Snyder didn't bring losing to Washington. It was already here for nearly a decade in the post super bowl - pre Snyder era. This team has just gone to extreme lengths to protect and ensure the losing culture.

Football is meant to be enjoyable. A game where adults can escape reality and cheer like a kid again. Its a continuation of Sundays with dad. It's a few hours a week where fans can put their responsibilities to the side and for others it's a few hours alone , just them and their football team.

Every single week the fans of Washington are asked to put their morals aside and root for the home team. It shouldn't be this hard. That isn't a choice fans should be asked to make.

I guess this is just how it's going to be as fan of a team owned by "Dan in real life".

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