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How Wentz can help the Commanders aside from Wins & Losses.

Quarterbacks are most often judged by their overall team record. However, when your team is the Washington Commanders and you've not had a QB since "This Is Us" debuted on TV, you have to also consider alternative objectives. Here are a few ways in which Carson Wentz helps out the Washington Commanders regardless of his Win/Loss record.

Raise the standard:

It feels like an eternity since we've had professional QB play. I challenge you to name the last QB that Washington signed to a second, Multi-year contract not named Colt McCoy and don't even start with McNabb's extension. We all knew that was bogus. This team has given us nothing to believe in at the QB position other than long-shot, against all odds backup QBs. I love the story of those guys but I want more. I want Carson Wentz to become the new floor of what we're willing to accept in DC at the starting QB position . I don't want to spend any more years of our lives arguing the merits of guys like Beck, McCoy or Heincke. Nothing against those guys but with respect to how far they could take us, the truth was always there we just weren't ready to reconcile with it.

Break some records:

  • The franchise single season record for passing yards in a season is 4,917 by Kirk Cousins.

  • The single season record for passing TDs is 31 by Sonny Jurgensen.

  • The record for passer rating in a single season is 102.4 held by RG3.

I want Carson to challenge if not break at least one of these records this year. The records are pretty good but all are obtainable in todays NFL. Last year alone 9 QBs exceeded our franchise record for passing TDs. Yes, that includes Kirk Cousins who had 33 with the Vikings.

Give us definitive conclusions:

If there is one thing I am tired of, it's not knowing. We never know the future of our Quarterback's room. Typically, by week 7, the current year's plan has been shot to pieces and we're back to arguing if the QB(x) deserves another year or if QB(y) from Mount Past Participle community college deserves a shot. When this season ends I want everyone is Ashburn and everyone in this fanbase to definitively know:

1. Do we have a QB?

2. Is this team ready to compete ?

3. Are we drafting a QB early next year?

No more ambiguous outcomes, no more maybes. Let's figure this out once and for all. More importantly let's accept what that conclusion is Good or Bad.

Tell us who Scott really is:

Washington fans have a love/hate relationship with Scott Turner. He's a tough one to judge. On one hand the team has averaged less than 19 ppg with him as our Offensive Coordinator. On the other hand, when you watch the games you see guys open and you see holes missed by RBs. In reality Scott has been a craftsman without his most important tool, a viable starting QB. This year he doesn't have that excuse. If nothing else, I think having Carson Wentz will allow Scott to run his offense as he intended, the full playbook without limitation. That alone should give us enough information to understand if we have the next McVay, Leftwich or even Lafleur or is he the next Brian Schottenhiemer , an ok coach but could never walk in his fathers shoes.

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