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Post-Game Report Card: WFT loses to PHI 27 – 17

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Offense: Grade D

The offense couldn’t gain any yards on the ground or air. QB play was awful. Gilbert as expected isn’t an NFL starter. He routinely held the ball too long, resulting in bad sacks or getting his passes knocked down. Garrett made a couple of nice throws but not enough to be considered anything other than a practice squad player. The Washington OL struggled against the Eagles run blitzes giving up penetration all night. C Keith Ismael was dominated all night in pass pro. Gibson couldn’t find any room to run often running into the backs of his own lineman. Terry McLaurin continued to be the victim of bad quarterback play, having to constantly come back for underthrown balls which led to big hits on the receiver. This performance showed an offense that lacked direction and showed no plan on how to attack an aggressive Eagles defense.

Defense: Grade F

Defense started fast by creating two early turnovers. Then the Eagles started to eat up WFT’s soft zone defense getting big chunks of yards via the ground & air. The defensive line was absolutely man-handled by the Eagles offensive line the entire night. Defense gave up 238 yards rushing for the game. No pressure on Jalen Hurts, allowed him to complete big passes against incredibly soft coverage. Jeremy Reaves played a good first game back as a starter finishing with 12 tackles.

Special Teams: Grade C+

DeAndre Carter had a big return to end the 1st half, but it was marred by a holding penalty. Tress had a couple of big punts to help field position. Kicker Brian Johnson was steady making all his kicks. Defense also had an offsides penalty on an Eagles made field goal attempt.

Coaching: Grade F

Rivera and his coordinators had an awful game plan for the Eagles. It was simply ineffective and more shockingly it wasjust inadequate for what the Eagles brought to the table. The coaches also showed no willingness to adapt or try a different approach. The Eagles made adjustments after falling behind by ten points and never looked back. Washington should have paid more attention to what the Eagles were doing instead of just having blind faith that their plan would eventually work without making any changes.

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