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Ron Rivera's case against Sam Howell..

A lot of Commanders fans are excited about the prospect of Sam Howell. The 5th rd pick out of UNC was at one point a potential high pick during the pre-draft process. Howell showed an electric arm and lively mobility during the preseason. So why might Howell not get the opportunity he's looking for in Washington?

Here's Ron's case against Sam Howell.

Ron Rivera has a type.

Ron likes his franchise QBs to be "6-3" - "6-6" and over 230 LBs with cannons for arms. Ron built his name as an HC with Cam Newton and gave up a prince's ransom for Wentz. He's also been rumored to have pursued Matt Stafford last offseason. Howell is listed generously at "6-1" and 220LBs. He comes up a little short for what Rivera typically sees in his  vision for franchise QB.

Ron is desperate for a Franchise QB.

Google the term "Ron Rivera & QB" and you will find quotes from Ron about finding a guy that can lead this franchise from the moment he walks in the door. Howell is a project. A project that could potentially yield great results but a project nonetheless.

Ron knows time is not on his side.

Ron is keenly aware that his biggest enemy is the sand in the hour glass. Determining if Howell can be "the guy" is a multi-year proposition that will likely extend beyond Ron's favor in DC.

Ron still wants to build around Wentz.

Ron has recently made headlines for "throwing his QB under the bus" however, reading his quote rationally you realize that he was saying he wants to build around Wentz. If you're a Commanders fan you should fully expect another year of Wentz in 2023 with some upgrades made along the O-line. It's tough to build around Wentz and Howell at the same time as they have completely different styles & needs.    

What this team does at QB in 2023 is anyone's guess and truthfully, they have a multitude of options. If you read the tea leaves and look at Rivera's history, there's a case to be made that whatever it is, it won't be Howell. Nothing is for certain and Rivera could certainly adapt to his current QB conditions. Never say never.

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1 Comment

Little Feather
Little Feather
Oct 17, 2022

IF Sam Howell was drafted for trade bait, my faith in our Coach is gone. Sam has a future as a starter with a insightful organization -.a team that sees a gamer when they see one ! Coach should change with the times, if this piece is the whole picture.

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