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Top 5 Commanders Uniform options for 2022.

Who doesn't love uniform talk? Here are the best uniform options and shoe recommendations for the Commanders new uniform sets.

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#5 - The classic burgundy and gold

The primarily burgundy uniforms harken back to the early 2000's when the team was led by Joe Gibbs 2.0 and featured Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, and Chris Cooley. Not to mention, who doesn't love something that reminds them of Sean Taylor. This was an era where the team was in the playoffs every other year. Btw, I still hate the Seahawks and Buccaneers.

Shoe Recommendations: Nike Kobe A.D. Exodus, Nike Lebron 19 Hard Hat, Adidas Pharrell Human Race Yellows.

#4 "White on Whites"

The white uniforms are clean. It took a while to warm up to these because they are such a departure from the traditional colorways but this is our most modern uniform of the new series.

Shoe Recommendations: If you are a shoe collector you will love this jersey, especially if you like Jordan's. Anything from the Jordan 1's , Cement 4's, Jordan 9 retro OGs, the Cool Grey 11's to the Jordan OG 15 flint gray.

As for on the field, we'll have to see. This uniform is almost too pretty to wear in a game but I suspect that opinion will change once they hit the field with it on. Imagine the Commanders being able to have a white out game!

#3 The Blackout out

It is about time that the Washington Redskins/Football Team / Commanders had an authentic black jersey option for consumers. I love the traditional burgundy but its hard to match with and therefore hard to wear regularly. The black jersey will get plenty wears because it can be worn with basically everything. Beyond utility, the jersey itself is intimidating and aggressive. I wouldn't want the team to bring these out more than a few times per season but always in late, primetime games.

Shoe Recommendations: Air Jordan 12 Retro university gold, Air Jordan 1 retro OG pollen

#2 "Black and whites"

This is a great combination because it gives you the best of both worlds. These uniforms scream athleticism. Not a lot to say here other than, these are simply, cool.

Shoe Recommendations: Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs

#1 - The "Zorn pack" "Maroon and black, & white"

Just look at these uniforms and tell me this isn't the best combination possible. The white, black and burgundy jersey with the the black pants. Once again, enough said. Just stare at the pictures for hours like I do. Simply perfection.

Shoe Recommendations: Air Jordan 12 Retro Royalty.

What are you favorite jersey colorways? Let me know in the comments below.

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