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What does Ron Rivera need to accomplish to earn an Extension?

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Ron Rivera signed a 5-year contract with the then Washington Redskins now Washington Commanders. At the time, Rivera was widely considered the best candidate on the market. Since that time, things haven’t gone exactly according to plan.

The Commanders have two consecutive losing seasons and one NFC East Title to show so far under this regime. Admittedly there have been a lot and I mean A-LOT of challenges facing this team the last two years but with only 14 wins is that enough for Rivera to get an extension?

Let’s discuss what Rivera needs to show or accomplish over these final three seasons to EARN a contract extension.

Winning Records:

Very simply Rivera needs to win games and more of them. Seven wins a year will not cut it. The fanbase deserves winning records, it deserves double digit wins in a season. Something that doesnt happen in DC too often. Ron has been the sole voice behind all football decisions so their is really no excuse entering year three that the Commanders shouldn’t have a winning season. Even a 9-8 season would be a start but certainly double digits wins are what should be expected at this point in Rivera’s tenure.

Find the Franchise QB:

The Quarterback is the most important position in all of football. If you don’t have one then your not going to win. If you don’t have a quarterback and your not trying to find one then your really just wasting time. Rivera has fumbled the QB position since he got to DC. His refusal to draft and build around a young signal caller of the future has lead him down a dangerous path of retread veteran QB’s. Most teams who have experienced long term sustained success have come from drafting and developing a rookie QB. Rivera has to draft a QB in 2023, if he hopes to have any sort of long term success. You might say; we have Howell (5th rd QB- who I like) but he should not be counted on as any concrete future solution. Wentz will turn 30 this fall, is he going to be a longterm presence here in DC when he wasn’t in Philly or Indy? That is a big gamble which will play out over this upcoming season. The time for half measures regarding the QB position is over. Rivera has to find the next Great Washington Quarterback. Whatever it takes.

Win Playoff Games:

In 2020, Rivera with a losing record (7-9) won the NFC East and hosted a home playoff game. Washington was a heavy underdog in that contest and while undrafted QB Taylor Heinicke made the game exciting to watch the outcome was never in any doubt as the Bucs advanced easily en-route to a title. Just getting to a playoff game isn’t enough for me and shouldn’t be enough for a fanbase that hasn’t seen a playoff win in decades. Rivera has to do more than that just get to a playoff game. He needs to win playof games (multiple games too) to show that this team has gotten significantly better and is capable of making noise in the postseason and not just getting blown out in a wild card game.

If Ron can accomplish the above goals over the next three years then he will absolutely earn himself a much deserved contract extension. If he doesn’t then it will be more of the same for the Commanders. Lose, Rinse, Repeat.

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