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Who are the Top QB’s in the NFL?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

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What is the heirachy of NFL Quarterbacks? Who are the top signal callers and who are the pretenders just keeping the spot warm until the next franchise player arrives.

These are quarterbacks who can you win regular season games, playoff games and Super Bowls with. I know some on the list havent won big yet but it’s clear they possess the ability to do just that. These guys are capable of putting the team on their backs for long stretches of a game or multiple games in a season. They make players around them better. Teams should do anything in their power to get one of them.

Tier #1 (Game Changing/Franchise Quarterback):

Tom Brady

Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Mahomes

Lamar Jackson

Josh Allen

Justin Herbert

Joe Burrow

Just on the outside of the above group. These are signal callers who have shown the ability of the above group but may have injuries, age, new team, legal issues, that keep them from being in that top group.

Tier #2 (Consistent Winners/Stabilizing Force)

Russell Wilson (Based on his entire career not just the Broncos games).

Deshaun Watson

Matt Stafford

This next level of QB's are just solid starters. They are able to get adequate production based on the talent level around him. If the roster is mediocre talent then you can expect 7 to 9 wins every year as an example. If these guys have good talent around them they win a lot regular season games but may still fall short come playoff time.

Tier #3 (Solid Starters/ Will make you competitive)

Derek Carr

Tua Tagovailoa

Dak Prescott

Kirk Cousins

Jalen Hurts

Kyler Murray

Jimmy Garrapolo

Davis Mills

Mac Jones

This last group is just comprised of guys who have mostly tapped out in terms of potential and ability. What you see is what you get. On a good day they can make a couple of throws but they shouldn't be counted on to carry the entire offense or save a flailing team. These can also be young inexperienced QB's who have yet to take the next step in their progression. The younger players in this catergory still have time to move up on this list but the clock is ticking. These types of players might also have an injury history that has changed their career trajectory.

Tier #4 (Average Starters, aging vets, young QB's, backups)

Tua Tagovailoa

Jared Goff

Trevor Lawarence

Justin Fields

Zach Wilson

Baker Mayfield

Geno Smith

Daniel Jones

Carson Wentz

Andy Dalton

Jameis Winston

Mitch Trubisky

Drew Locke

Marcus Marriota

Sam Darnold

Ryan Tannehil

Matt Ryan

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