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L.E. from @DeclassifiedWFT Final Mock Draft

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Round 1 Pick #11 - Kyle Hamilton - Safety

Let's stop all of the over evaluating of elite talent. This guy was the #1 player coming into 2021 and nothing he did on the field last year changed that. Slow 40 times can happen for a number of reasons during the pre-draft process but you have to trust what you saw on tape. The Commanders never filled Landon Collin's spot after he was released and Kyle would fit in perfectly. This is the rare chance to get the best player available and draft for need. Don't over think this one. He's the ideal Buffalo Nickel.

Don't take it from me. Here's ESPN on Kyle Hamilton.

Round 2 Pick # 47- Christian Watson - WR

I would love to go LB here but this coaching staff has a type. They've been searching for their preferred type of WR since they got here and now is their chance to get him. Carolina Kept trying to draft the same guy:

- Kelvin Benjamin

- Devin Funchess

In their first season in Washington they drafted another WR in that mold - A.G.G. Trust me when I tell you that the coaches like big WR's who can make contested catches. Christian Watson is that guy. Here's the tape

Pick # 113 - Zakoby McClain - LB

If you listen to the podcast then you know I love this guy. He's a linebacker that knocks ball carriers backwards. He's the biggest thumper since the Bambi movie came out. We have lacked a physical player at the LB position for way too long and McClain is that guy. Is he a little raw? Yes. So is Sushi and you still love it. Watch his tape and you will fall in love too.

Pick #189 - Keyontae Ingram - RB

Antonio Gibson has done some really nice things in the NFL. However, he was still a project coming out and is still a project now. The Commanders need a pure running back to back up Gibson as his development continues. Enter Keyontae Ingram. He is a running back's running back. He won't be a threat to Gibson's starting role but he will be a significant update to the depth at the position. Jared Patterson is a nice guy and I like good stories but I like good running backs more Ingram is your man. Check him out .

Pick #230 - Aqeel Glass - QB

For the last several weeks the folks that are around the team have been saying that Washington will draft a QB. They did not mean that Washington will take on early. They are looking for a developmental future backup QB. Aqeel Glass is perfect for that role. He has a lot of potential but not a lot of refinement. It'll take years before you get any real NFL caliber play from him but he's got the tools that coaches love to work with. It's a late round flyer and nobody will miss the pick if it doesn't work out.

Pick #240 Swing OT - Myron Cunningham

Myron has talent but he needs a lot of help in his game. His best attribute is his position flexibility. He has the raw skills and size to make the practice squad and develop over time.

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